Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Brings in the Viewers

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Judging from the number of viewers the Duck Dynasty Christmas special had, it seems like a lot of folks were glad to get their bearded men fix. The Christmas special--which came after a seven-week wait from the last episode--reeled in almost 9 million viewers on Wednesday night. Even though the end-of-season numbers are down a little for the popular A&E show, the special did help season four end on a good note.

The Christmas special featured the Robertson family preparing to put on a Nativity play for their church. Willie and his wife Korie played the parts of Joseph and Mary, while Jase, Uncle Si and Godwin were the Three Wise Men. As usual, Uncle Si managed to get in a "Si-ism" by saying he was bringing the "franken scent." No surprise there, but it was a challenge to keep the Robertson men and their workers on task while practicing lines.

While all of the Nativity play preparations were going on, Phil, Kay and Jessica (Jep's wife) went out to hunt for a wild hog to eat after the Christmas play. Even though Phil's policy is "Never ever take a yuppie anywhere," he did make an exception for his son's wife. Despite Jessica and Kay's constant chatting, Phil did manage to bag a hog. Phil had Jessica prove just how country she is by making her help carry the feces-covered hog back to his truck, where he gutted it in front of her.

All's well that ends well, right? Despite the bearded men goofing off during practice and Phil's setbacks while hunting, the night of the big performance went smoothly. As a bonus, Uncle Si had his tea in hand during the Nativity play, but this time it was in a gold chalice instead of his usual blue Tupperware cup.

To say that Duck Dynasty fans enjoyed the Christmas episode is probably a bit of an understatement. Check out some of the Twitter posts below where fans raged about how great the episode was.

Season five of Duck Dynasty will premiere on January 15. To get in the Christmas spirit, check out the Robertson family's Christmas album Duck the Halls. The album was released on October 29 and features songs such as Camouflage and Christmas Lights and Ragin' Cajun Redneck Christmas. Like everything else the Robertson clan touches, the Christmas album has been very successful and is at the #2 spot on Billboard's Top Country Album Chart, just behind Garth Brooks.

Check out the Robertsons as they work on their Christmas album below.

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