Drumstick Corsage: KFC Spices Up Prom Night

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Are you looking for a way to make prom night more interesting? If so, KFC has just the thing for you: a drumstick corsage.

No, we aren't joking, nor is this a belated April Fools' Day joke. KFC is really selling a corsage kit that you attach a drumstick to for $20.

You may be wondering why KFC is selling such a thing, but your guess is as good as ours. We are aware that a lot of teenage girls go days eating next to nothing so they can look perfect on prom night, but we're pretty sure that having food close by in case someone feels faint isn't the reason for creating an edible corsage. It could be a ploy to help KFC get back the number one spot in the fast food chicken market by attracting a crazy amount of attention, but who knows?

Without further ado, check out KFC's video for the drumstick corsage below.

And if you want to see a "promposal" using the chicken corsage, KFC has provided a video of that as well:

Amazingly enough, the first batch of 100 drumstick corsage kits sold out, but another batch is now available. If you actually want to buy the drumstick corsage, you can order it online for $20 plus shipping. You will receive a kit that includes the corsage and a $5 KFC gift card that you can use to purchase a drumstick. According to the website, "you can customize your corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Whichever best matches her dress."

After releasing information about the drumstick corsage, KFC has been asked on Twitter to provide something for the guys. After all, it isn't fair for the ladies to be the only ones wearing something edible on prom night, right? KFC's answer to those requests are chicken cufflinks:

We're pretty sure that the chicken cufflinks are just a joke, which sounds strange to say when talking about a chicken corsage, but KFC hasn't added the option to actually purchase the cufflinks. It looks like Carson Daly will be the only one who gets to enjoy them for now.

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