Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users, Shows No Signs Of Slowing

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Dropbox announced today that it has surpassed 100 million users, who are saving a billion files every 24 hours.

"Since the beginning, Dropbox users have remained at the heart of the company’s mission," a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews. "People from around the world have shown countless and unique ways to use Dropbox to simplify their lives every day. As Dropbox continues to grow and innovate, the team is renewing their commitment to their users who have made Dropbox what it is."

Dropbox also revealed that it now has paying users in over 200 countries.

"Once upon a time, Dropbox had its humble beginnings in a Boston train station when I forgot my USB stick at home. We’re still unsure if it was fate or fluke, but one thing’s stayed the same all these years: each of us has a unique reason for using Dropbox," Drew Houston writes on the Drobbox blog. "100 million reasons later, we’re still building and improving Dropbox not only for ourselves, but also for all of you and your awesome stories that continue to inspire us."

"Among these is Coach Stringfellow in Utah," Houston adds. "High school football’s a big deal — while there are the lights, crowds, and cheerleaders, less visible are the sweat and tears needed to build a great team. Coach Stringfellow and his players use Dropbox to study game films and scouting reports on their own terms. And because Dropbox keeps everyone connected, the Bountiful Braves have the edge they need to play stronger and smarter."

There's a video about the coach in the blog post, where the company calls upon users to share their own stories about their reasons for using Dropbox, for the chance to win 10GB for life (if it's in the top 100) or 100GB (if it's in the top 10).

Chris Crum
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