Dropbox Can Now Downloads Torrents Through Boxopus

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Ever since the war on file sharers began in the early 2000s, people have been looking for more and more ways to share files anonymously. The use of encrypted torrents and VPNs have met with success. There has also been a rise among the use of alternative file sharing software that allows users to share anonymously. The problem with these services is that they might be a little intimidating to the average user. A new service puts anonymous torrent use into the hands of the everyman.

The new service called boxupus combines the power of torrents and Dropbox into one, easy to use service. Users can add torrents to Dropbox and the files will be downloaded to the digital file locker for all who share the account. The creators told TorrentFreak that the service is meant to bring torrents into the future that is the Cloud.

The main benefit of being part of the cloud is that the downloads are taken care of by the team at boxupus. It means that all torrents downloaded by users will be tied to boxupus making it essentially anonymous for all who use it. The other benefit is that users can start downloads of torrents no matter where they are and have them available via Dropbox at any time.

The company has had to answer to allegations that they have become a new Megaupload since they added the public folder option. They responded to the allegations by removing the ability to create public folders, but users can share their Dropbox accounts so it's kind of moot point. It remains to be seen how they will respond to the existence of boxopus.

If you want to try out boxopus for yourself, just hit up their Web site. It's free for now while it's in beta, but the creators told TorrentFreak that they have plans to monetize the service in the future. As for those monetization plans, it will probably be similar to how Dropbox monetizes its storage.

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