Dropbox Adds Linking Feature

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Dropbox has just announced on its blog a new linking feature that bypasses the actual downloading of files from a Dropbox folder, when a user seeks to share their content. The update is simple - a link can now be added to share a file, instead of downloading or having to attach to an email. The link will afford access to the owner's Dropbox gallery page, where the files can be viewed, but not edited (unless files are placed in a shared folder). This gallery page allows pictures, videos and documents to be viewed. And of course, the option to download the content is still available.

Potential new uses include:

Families can send vacation photos and videos just moments after getting home.
Companies with Dropbox for Teams can send presentations to clients who might not use Dropbox, and share materials with employees on their first day.
Teachers can quickly distribute problem sets and exams through links, and students can save them to their own Dropbox with a click.

Again, if files need to be edited by multiple users, a shared folder is the way to go, but to plainly allow users to view content, the new linking feature is an easier, faster way to share.

In related news, Dropbox acquired online collaboration and communication tool Cove and its engineers in February - perhaps the new functionality is one of many new features in the works.

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