Drinkable Sunscreen to Hit the Shelves


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What do you do when you don’t want to apply sunscreen, but also don’t want to risk getting burned? You drink it.

No, don’t toss back a few bottles of sunscreen; you may end up in the hospital if you do that. But what you can do is buy a bottle of drinkable sunscreen, which may end up in a store near you soon.

Osmosis Skincare says that drinking a bottle of its Harmonized H20 offers the same protection as slathering on SPF 30 lotion.

The cosmetics company said that once their drinkable sunscreen is ingested, molecules inside the elixir “vibrate on the skin” and combat 97 percent of UVB and UVA rays. The Harmonized H20 bottle states the product will “neutralize UV radiation,” and permits up to 30 times more than normal exposure to the sun.

Consumers will even have a choice between tanning and non-tanning varieties. The tanning version of the product claims to give those who drink it beautifully tanned skin without being subjected to burn or redness.

Harmonized H20 is just one of a few beverages in the “Harmonized Water” line that claims to fix a variety of ailments, including allergies and hangovers, and has a product that may even ward off mosquitoes.

The FDA hasn’t evaluated Harmonized H20, so take that into consideration before dropping $30 for a bottle. The company recommends drinking two milliliters of the product every four hours, waiting one hour after drinking before going in the sun.

Would you sip on drinkable sunscreen, or have you already? Leave your thoughts below!

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