Dreyfoos: Bodies Found at Florida High School

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Police in West Palm Beach, Florida are investigating the discovery of two bodies at an area high school

According to a WPTV news station report, employees at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts found the bodies early this morning. According to police, the bodies were found in a maintenance area inside the school, with no obvious signs as to their deaths. The names, ages, and genders of the deceased have not yet been released to the public. The Palm Beach county School District has confirmed that one of the bodies is that of a school janitor.

Police are not yet referring to the deaths as homicides. West Palm Beach Police have stated that the investigation is still too early to determine whether the two people were killed or died in some other way.

Police, including SWAT teams, secured the school after the deaths were discovered. WPTV has also reported that the FBI had responded at the school, but later left after learning there was not ongoing incident.

(via WPTV)

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