Windows Phone 8 Users Get to Slack off With Draw Something, Words With Friends

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It won't be all work and no play for the business-friendly Windows Phone 8. A pair of Zynga's most popular mobile games, Draw Something and Words With Friends, will be arriving later this year on the just-announced Windows mobile platform.

The inclusion of the popular games accompanies the 100,000 other apps that will be landing on Windows Phone Marketplace, but if Draw Something and Words With Friends' popularity on iOS and Android are any indication, those two apps will likely jump to the front of the pack in terms of downloads.

The launch of a Windows Phone version of the two Zynga games might also help rekindle their once-grand popularity. Last month, Words With Friends lost nearly 2 million players in the course of a month while Draw Something nearly flat-lined earlier this year by losing 5 million players in a month.

Then again, depending on the exact launch date of Words With Friends and Draw Something for Windows Phone 8, maybe they can coincide with the arrival that Ryan Seacrest-attached Draw Something TV game show that's supposed to be happening.

And Windows Phone users: yes, look forward to drawing pictures as awesome as the one I drew for this article.

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