Draw Something, By The Brain-Scribbling Numbers

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So there's this game you may have heard of, draw... something? Ah, right: Draw Something. To say it's popular would be to egregiously undermine the game's success. More accurately, it's been charging through the world of game apps this past month like a herd of PCP-soaked bulls stampeding through Pamplona. The game ascended to unprecedented levels of popularity in a mere matter of days - in fact, it took the app all of nine days to hit the 1 million-user mark. After being on the market five weeks, the number of users happily scribbling away with their friends was up to 20 million. It even unseated Words With Friends as the most popular social gaming app.

The game is remarkably simple and yet delightfully challenging and engaging - a remarkable feat considering that there really isn't a competitive edge included in the game, unless you count a challenge to your own ability to draw a picture of bagpipes on the touchscreen of your phone as competition. But in short, there are no points (although you can earn coins to purchase more drawing tools), no winners, no losers, no time limits - just good, clean (maybe), unmitigated sublimity born from the most rudimentary sketches you've seen outside of second grade art class.

Last week, the company that unleashed Draw Something, OMGPOP, who has been making flash-based online games for several years now, was purchased by Zynga, makers of the aforementioned Words With Friends. While Zynga picked up the upstart company for a staggering $210 million, there's been some chatter that OMGPOP sold way too early and left heaps of money on the table. At any rate, Draw Something made some guys rich for the first time, some already rich guys a whole lot richer, and made tens of millions of people into amateur Picassos. MBAOnline.com put together a Draw Something-appropriate animated infographic that details the meteoric rise and still rising of the gaming world's latest juggernaut.

Draw Something
Created by: MBAOnline.com

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