Down Jacket Donations Keep The Needy Warm


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Every winter, schools, businesses, churches and organizations take up coat donations to help the less fortunate. While most of us are fortunate enough to have a couple coats in our closets, many people across the country are not. Winter storms and cold weather can be tough on everyone, but imagine trying to survive the winter without a coat. Down jackets are a popular coat style and they are also one of the most commonly donated coats as well.

In homeless shelters, libraries and church basements around the country, thousands of people are searching through bins and boxes of donated coats, hoping to find something that fits and is good quality. Many places that organize coat drives have reported a drop in donations and have said that good quality coats are becoming more scarce every year.

That hasn't stopped the less fortunate from being thankful for the coats available to them. Maya Sylvia, a high school student and chair of the coat drive in her town shared a touching story with her local newspaper. She remembered a woman who had found a coat that she loved as well as one for her daughter.

"She was telling me about how she's had the same coat for years," Sylvia said with a smile. "She was looking for a new one and she found her coat, and she was so excited about it, talking about how she was going to go to the library and go show it to all of her friends."

Sylvia also said that the woman planned to give her daughter a coat for Christmas. "She's going to put it in a Sears box so it seems like she got it from there instead of getting it here," Sylvia said. "It was really sweet."

If you have unwanted down jackets, winter coats or any type of outerwear that you can donate to a local charity or coat drive, do so. What may seem out of style or old to you, could make someone else a little happier and a little warmer.

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