Dot-Marie Jones Marries Longtime Girlfriend

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Glee star Dot-Marie Jones married her longtime girlfriend Bridgett Casteen on Saturday. A rep confirmed the marriage. The two tied the knot at their home in L.A. in the company of close friends.

Jones, known for her role as Coach Shannon Beiste on the FOX hit show Glee, became engaged to Casteen at Disneyland back in October. She proposed to Bridgett during Anaheim Gay Days.

Those who attended the wedding on Saturday didn't realize what was actually in store. Instead they believed they were simply attending a Christmas party at Dot-Marie Jones and Bridgett Casteen's home--the ruse under which they were all invited. Once there, they were informed of the impending nuptials.

Dot-Marie Jones thanked Jamie Kennedy via Twitter for her wedding congratulations.

Casteen, who has already changed her Twitter account to "Bridgett Jones," alluded to her excitement prior to tying the knot with Dot-Marie Jones on Saturday.

It's likely before the day is out that Jones's Glee costars will all be chiming in with sincere congratulations of their own.

Christmas is such an exciting time already, and Dot-Marie Jones and Bridgett Casteen will forever remember the holiday now with a twofold meaning. May their life be filled with the love and joy they shared with their friends and family at their wedding on Saturday.

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