Dorinda Medley Joins RHONY, Wants To Be "The Fun One"

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Dorinda Medley will be joining the electric group of ladies on Real Housewives of New York.

As a socialite, Dorinda Medley is all caught up on life as a rich New York City housewife. As a widow, she may have something to prove.

Dorinda Medley said of her experience, “I live on the Upper East Side, and it’s a small fishbowl up here. I am not going to be that ball of yarn that came out of nowhere.”

She added, “I know these girls. I know their world. I’ve even done a few cameos. So I thought, why not give it a try and see if it is something that suits me?”

Dorinda Medley has quite the interesting past and lots of life experience to bring to the show.

Me with NY's finest!!!!!

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Dorinda married a young Scotsman in the early 80's after working in the garment district. When she and her husband moved to London, she opened up a cashmere company that had none other than Princess Diana as its most distinguished customer.

That experience in London is what put Dorinda Medley on the fashion world map.

She said, “It was 1989. I got Princess Diana to be one of my clients, and project [the company] forward with the British classes.”


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But, it wasn't to last. After ten years of marriage Dorinda Medley divorced her Scotsman and moved to New York City.

Once there, Dorinda Medley tried her hand at real estate.

As a successful New York real estate broker, she showed an Upper East Side townhouse to Richard Medley, a hedge fund adviser and former partner to George Soros.

One thing led to another and the two were married in 2005. Unfortunately, Richard Medley passed away in 2011, leaving Dorinda Medley a widow.

Happy Birthday Richard we love and miss you!!!!

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However, the pain of losing her husband and the subsequent healing process have made her stronger.

She said, “I’ve been presented with a lot of different challenges and that’s why I wasn’t afraid to be on the Housewives. The whole point is to keep going foward and try again.”

Dorinda Medley also stated that she is hoping to be the fun one on the show.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley joining RHONY? How do you think her life experiences will help or hurt her on the show?

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