Donald Trump: How He Inadvertantly Created 'Hitler-Like Vibe'

Val Powell

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke out on being compared to notorious German dictator Adolf Hitler.

The GOP frontrunner said he was not aware of the Hitler comparison but it made him unhappy. “I don't know about the Hitler comparison. I hadn't heard that, but it's a terrible comparison. I'm not happy about that certainly,” the business mogul said on ABC's Good Morning America.

In a recent campaign rally, Trump had asked voters to raise their hand and pledge to support him in the upcoming presidential elections but the sight of people raising their right hands resembled the “Heil Hitler” salute.

In an interview on Morning Joe, Donald Trump clarified that he jokingly asked the people to raise their hands if they want to endorse him. “The entire place is practically laughing and having a good time. They're raising their hands in the form of a vote, not in the form of a salute,” he said.

During his interview on the Today Show, Trump called the criticism “ridiculous.” The outspoken republican candidate said he had no idea that the gesture had offended many people as it was all in good fun and clarified he was not trying to create a Hitler-like vibe.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, we’re having such a great time,” Trump dismissed the “Heil Hitler” similarity. “If it’s offensive, if there’s anything wrong with it, I wouldn’t do it.”

When asked if he was going to continue to ask his supporters to do the pledge especially now that he knows of the Hitler comparison, Donald Trump said he will look into it because he does not want to offend anybody.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox, Anne Frank's stepsister, and comedian Louis C.K. have compared him to Hitler after his controversial comments about immigrants and plans to shut down mosques in the U.S.

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