Dog The Bounty Hunter Promises To Go After War Machine For Beating Girlfriend

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Duane “Dog” Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter by those who follow his reality television series, is offering to go after Jon Kopperhaver, better known as the MMA fighter War Machine, if he doesn’t turn himself into the police. Kopperhaver is accused of beating up his girlfriend, porn actress Christy Mack, which resulted in her suffering a ruptured liver, broken leg, broken nose, missing teeth and 18 broken bones around an eye.

Dog The Bounty Hunter took to Twitter to announce his intentions, saying that Kopperhaver had 24 hours to turn himself in or he would go after him. On August 12, he followed with a countdown of how much time Kopperhaver had left and said, “SEE YOU SOON !!”

Meanwhile Kopperhaver has been denying the allegations that he beat up Mack. He supposedly posted then deleted a tweet implying that Mack had been cheating on him. He claimed that he had only stopped by Mack’s house to propose to her and give her an engagement ring, but was attacked by Mack’s male companion when he arrived. Mack denies that this happened, saying that Kopperhaver dropped by her house unannounced and started attacking the fully clothed male who was with her at the time. She said that he then forced her to strip naked before beating her to a pulp.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is not letting the cheating rumors faze him and ruin his determination in finding Kopperhaver, who is wanted for several counts of battery, assault with a deadly weapon, open and gross lewdness and threats by force. The $10,000 reward that comes with Kopperhaver’s capture is also an added incentive for the 61-year-old bounty hunter to get his hands on the MMA fighter and turn him over to the police.

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