Dog Pack Murder: California Man Arrested

Amanda CrumLife

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A California man has been arrested after four of his pit bulls attacked a 63-year old jogger earlier this month and killed her.

29-year old Alex Jackson was taken into custody and charged with felony manslaughter after his dogs attacked Pamela Devitt and mauled her to death. He has also been charged with animal negligence and faces several charges related to growing marijuana.

Officials say Devitt suffered 150-200 puncture wounds on her body; after obtaining a warrant following her death, authorities found eight dogs At Jackson's home, six of which were pit bulls. DNA testing revealed that four of the dogs were involved in Devitt's death.

"I do not blame the dogs. I don't blame pit bulls," the victim's husband, Ben Devitt, said. "I blame people who don't take responsibility for their animals."

Jackson could face life in prison if he's convicted.

Sadly, this isn't the first incident involving dog mauling this year; earlier this month, a South Carolina double-amputee was killed after he was dragged from his wheelchair by four dogs.

Amanda Crum
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