Dog In Car Grille: Poodle Reunited With Owners After Scary Ride

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When a Massachusetts man slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting a dog in the road, he assumed the animal made it safely to the other side without incident. Little did he know, the dog had somehow gotten stuck in the car's grille and was trapped there for an 11-mile ride before the driver knew anything about it.

As soon as the driver realized what had happened, he drove to the East Providence Police Department, where officers helped safely remove the dog from the car. The small white poodle-mix was taken to a local vet, where she was given medical attention for a concussion and a small perforation on her bladder.

“We took (the dog) to an emergency clinic, and now she’s actually doing fine, crazy enough,” animal control supervisor William Muggle said. "She's a good dog."

The dog's owners have now claimed her and say it's a miracle she survived the ordeal.


Image: East Providence Animal Control

Amanda Crum
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