Does Google+ Threaten Twitter More Than Facebook?

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Since Google+ appeared on the social media stage, it has suffered comparisons to the already-well-established giants of the game: Twitter and Facebook. And in a way, these comparisons are justified. Google+ definitely takes elements of both Facebook and Twitter, but it puts its own spin on them.

Some people's first impulse was to compare Google+ to Facebook and ask whether or not the burgeoning social network could compete with the big guy on the block.

But should Twitter worry about the impact of Google+ more than Facebook should?

At the BlogWorld Expo in L.A., Alltop's Guy Kawasaki and Human Business Works President Chris Brogan sat down to talk about Google+'s future impact on business, and how the new social network could change everything.

During that session, Kawasaki said that he would "be more worried about [Google+]" as the CEO of Twitter as opposed to Facebook.

"Twitter is much more threatened by Google+ than Facebook."

"I think Google+ is to Facebook what Mac is to Windows. Think about that for a second."

What can we take from that? Google+ and Facebook = different strokes for different folks? Can the two peacefully coexist and each serve their purpose?

Kawasaki went on to describe the difference between Google+ and Facebook:

All my friends and family are on facebook, and Google+ is a ghost town for a lot of people. For me, Facebook is for friends/family, and Google+ is for people who share your passions, who you don't know yet.

It's true that many detractors of Google+ have mentioned that nobody they know has made the jump, therefore it doesn't serve them a purpose. If everyone you know is already on Facebook, why bother with another social network?

According to Kawasaki, it's for the "common passions" that Google+ allows you to connect with others.

As far as the connections with strangers aspect, that is where Google+ steps onto Twitter's turf. Google+, with it's system of circles, allows users to follow people in a way similar to Twitter. If Facebook is for family and friends and Google+/Twitter is more the rest - you see how the battle then shifts to Google+ vs. Twitter.

For Kawasaki, Google+ has replaced Twitter when it comes to "manual engagement."

"As soon as I discovered Google+, I have so much less manual engagement with Twitter. I have almost no human engagement on Twitter - every single post on Google+ is manual and "only me" - no ghost writing on Google+."

When asked why, he said:

"System notifications are so much better [on Google+]. On Twitter, if I do an @ mention, I doubt they're going to see it. When someone @ mentions me on Twitter, I most likely won't see it. On Google+, I'm notified every time anyone mentions me and shares with me. I get hundreds of emails a day, and I follow through on all of those."

Just systematically, [Google+] leads towards much greater engagement. If I'm making the effort to do something, I want to know someone is getting it."

Do you think that Google+ challenges Facebook or Twitter? Let us know in the comments.

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