Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Appears At BBC Showcase


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This past Christmas, we got a glimpse into the character of Peter Capaldi, the emerging 12th Doctor, during the 2013 Christmas Special. From that point on, Capaldi is now the "new face" of the Doctor in the Doctor Who series, and recently, we got a taste of how Capaldi's Doctor will look from the released Facebook photos. Now, Capaldi introduces himself to the public as "The Doctor" at the well-known 2014 BBC Showcase.

According to The Digital Spy, Capaldi made an appearance at the BBC Worldwide Showcase this past Monday (February 24th). As Capaldi appeared, he stepped out of the TARDIS (in the Doctor's new character wardrobe) and greeted announcer and comedian Graham Norton.

In The Hollywood Reporter's story on Capaldi's appearance at the BBC Worldwide Showcase, Capaldi made the following statement to Norton:

"As a lifetime follower of the show, I'm delighted to see its global success. And I'm looking forward to sharing with the world the very exciting journey the new [season] is taking us on."

Many Whovians are eagerly awaiting the date when the new season of Doctor Who involving Capaldi will start, and unfortunately, no dates were mentioned during Capaldi's appearance; however, according to The Digital Spy, filming is currently in production at Cardiff as seen in these on-set pictures.

In other Doctor Who-related news, stated that well-known actor and The History Boys star Samuel Anderson will join the cast of the British sci-fi show in a recurring role during Capaldi's first season.

Image via YouTube (0:50)