Doctor Who Sex Tape Scam Makes The Rounds On Twitter

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On Wednesday Doctor Who fans around the world learned that Jenna-Louise Coleman would be joining the Doctor has his next companion in the upcoming seventh series of the show, set to begin airing in the fall. After a five-episode arc wraps up the story line of current companions Amy and Rory (played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, respectively), Coleman will join the show during the annual Christmas special and will follow the Doctor through his adventures through the end of the season, at least (no word on whether she'll stick around through series 8 and the 50th anniversary).

As a result of the news, Coleman's name was trending in the UK on Wednesday. Of course, when the name of an attractive young actress trends on Twitter, the freaks and scammers start to come out of the woodwork. Not long after Coleman became a trending topic, tweets started to appear that claimed to offer links to the actress in a sex tape. The good folks at Naked Security did a little investigating, and what they found is actually a little alarming.

First, here's a samplling of the tweets. They're really just your basic porn spam tweets with Coleman's name tacked on at the end to capitalize on the trending topic.

Jenna-Louise Coleman Tweets

Now, if you've been on Twitter for longer than about 3 minutes you can probably guess where this is going. The links, of course, do not take you to anything remotely related to either Jenna-Louise Coleman or Doctor Who. Rather, they go to a page with hardcore Asian porn videos. Ha ha, good joke, right? Turns out it's not such a joke. For the person who not only follows the links from the tweets but is actually foolish enough to click the videos, there's a surprise. Each video contains a hidden follow button for a Twitter spam account.

Doctor Who Clickjacking Scam

So, to recap: a person clicking links promising a Jenna-Louise Coleman sex video do not, in fact, get said video, nor do they get any sex videos at all. They just wind up following some random spambot on Twitter.

Apart from all that, though, Doctor Who fans trying to find a sex tape with the newest companion really ought to be ashamed of themselves. The Doctor, after all, would not approve.