Doctor Killed In Office, Gunman In Custody

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A doctor in Newport Beach was fatally shot on Monday in his office by a 70-year old assailant, who is now in custody.

The doctor, whose identity hasn't been released, had an office at Orange Coast Urology. It's unclear at this time what the gunman's motives were for the shooting, but the office building was closed down for the rest of the day as co-workers struggled to make sense of the scene.

"I sit right at the front desk; I would have caught the first bullet," said Becky Calderwood, who works just feet away from the office. "This is nuts; people are just shooting everyone all the time."

Witnesses who were in the building at the time said they heard six or seven gunshots, but some thought the noise was part of the construction that was going on nearby. The doctor was found dead in an exam room when officers responded.

The shooting comes at a time when any gun-related story is going to make national news, due to the extreme violence the nation has seen recently. Immediately after the Newtown tragedy, several states saw school shootings occur, although on a much smaller scale. People are nervous, and those who were left to see the aftermath of yesterday's killing have a lot of unanswered questions.

"What's going on with the world today?" said Kristen Cotty, who works on the floor above where the shooting took place. "I mean, schools, now I got to worry about going to work. This has got to stop."

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