DmC Dante Gets His Classic Look Back With New DLC

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One of the biggest complaints about Devil May Cry (DmC) prior to its release this month was that the main character, Dante, was sporting a new, younger-looking style than he had in previous games. Instead of the shaggy white hair he was known for, the new Dante had a short-cropped emo look and punk clothing to match. For that reason alone, if Capcom hadn't delivered with solid gameplay and great art direction, DmC may have been a black stain on the series' reputation.

However, Capcom has proven that it does listen to its fans. Earlier this month the publisher announced that free DLC will soon be released that puts the "Bloody Palace" mode into DmC, where it should have been at launch. Of course, Capcom has also proven that it excels at selling character skin DLC. The combination of these two can easily be seen in the announcement of new character costume DLC for DmC.

The new DLC includes a costume for Dante that transforms him into a classic-looking Dante from the Devil May Cry 3 era. The content will be released on January 29 and will cost $4/€4/£3.19.

Of course, even the ability to revert a beloved character back into a well-known form isn't worth $4 alone. So, the costume pack will include two additional skins. One resembles the character Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series...

A costume from the new DmC DLC

...and the other is this monstrosity:

A costume from the new DmC costume pack

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