Dixie Carter Removes Offensive Tweet

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Dixie Carter, president of TNA Wrestling, landed in hot water last week over a tweet attempting to promote her event, Bound for Glory.

Carter is a difficult character to like anyway.

She is generally considered not very knowledgeable about the sport and not really the right person for the job.

It doesn't help that the institute Dixie Carter runs isn't super popular.

So, when Dixie Carter tweeted a picture of the hurricane that was about to slam Okinawa and kill people, all while she was in Japan, she couldn't scrape by unharmed.


Dixie Carter's insensitive tweet was later deleted, but not forgotten.

The Japanese obviously found it offensive, as they go through these storms often and suffer many casualties.

The storm was incredibly powerful, so much so that it could reportedly be seen from space.

While it has been downgraded to a tropical storm, it could still pose a serious danger to the citizens of Japan.

To add insult to injury, Dixie Carter then proceeded to use every other tweet following the removal of the offensive one to continue to promote the TNA Bound for Glory event.


TNA Wrestling is already in trouble, as it is. The talent is not great, and the absence of a good, long-term deal for TV programming has been detrimental.

What do you think? Are Dixie Carter's tweets no big deal or could they be the last nail in the casket of TNA Wrestling?

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