Displair Turns Water Vapor Into A Floating Touchscreen

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There were a few strange devices and inventions at this year's CES. Some of the standouts included a smart fork and a touchscreen that can form buttons on its surface. None of that can compare, however, to Displair.

Displair, a startup out of Russia, was showing off its new display technology at CES last week. As its name suggests, it creates an interactive touchscreen out of a wall of water vapor. In a way, it's kind of like a hologram, but it seems much cooler based solely upon the fact that it was totally unexpected.

Terrific movie about Displair by Victor Kossakovskiy from Displair on Vimeo.

One of the more interesting applications of Displair is in film. The technology's creators say that they can display 3D images naturally without the need of glasses. Even more impressive, the technology could see the true return of smell-o-vision by loading the vapor with custom scents that compliment the on-air action.

Like most crazy new technologies, Displair is still in its infancy. Those at CES got to see it in action though, and even played around with it for a bit. Check out Huffington Post's Jason Gilbert playing a round on Fruit Ninja on Displair. It's absolutely wild.

As commenters have pointed out, the technology has quite a bit of input lag. That's fine at the moment as it's not exactly geared towards consumer consumption nor gaming. It's primarily meant for enterprise applications. Even then, most businesses would probably be more interested in using something like Microsoft's PixelSense. That being said, it's only a matter of time before technology like Displair catches on to project images into three-dimensional space.