Disney's Epic Mickey Creator Gets Lifetime Achievement Award


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Warren Spector, Deus Ex game director and producer and Disney Epic Mickey creator will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the art and science of gaming at the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards. The Game Developers Choice Awards or GDCA's are the leading video game industry awards established to celebrate the industry's top games and developers recognized by their peers.

Warren Spector is a highly reputed designer with a thirty year career in the gaming industry. Spector is known for standing up for the proper execution of ideas in the development of video games. Deus Ex, released in 2000, is considered by many to be his career defining work. He created the game while he was Partner at Ion Storm, a development company he managed in Austin, Texas. Deus Ex received tremendous industry acclaim and was named "Best PC Game Of All Time" in 2009.

Spector left Ion Storm in 2004 and started Junction Point, another video game development company also in Austin. The firm was acquired in 2007 by Disney Interactive Studios. Spector led the design of Disney Epic Mickey which was released in 2010. It was his first work for Disney. Spector's well-known style of choice and consequence gaming, which he calls "Playstyle Matters," was featured. The game pays tribute to 80 years of Disney history and has also received recognition for its charming art design and unique storyline.

The GDCA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the achievements and career of a developer who has made an impact on the craft of game development. Warren Spector is a shining example due to his sterling reputation as an innovator in the industry.