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Disney Movies: Must-Watch In 2014

The wonderful world of Disney never fails to amaze. Many people can attest to having grown up watching Disney films, from the classic animated films featuring Mickey Mouse and his gang, to well-known ...
Disney Movies: Must-Watch In 2014
Written by Val Powell
  • The wonderful world of Disney never fails to amaze. Many people can attest to having grown up watching Disney films, from the classic animated films featuring Mickey Mouse and his gang, to well-known fairy tales told with stunning visual imagery and award winning original music. Disney also has a flair for cinematic drama, feel-good teen movies, and superhero flicks that make the audience feel as if they’re part of the action.

    This year, there’s a whole new set of movies from Walt Disney Pictures that’s sure to tickle, excite, and put you in awe of Disney’s creative genius. From superheroes and wisecracking puppets, to a magnificently evil diva, to heroic misfits and firefighting planes, here are the top 5 movies to watch in 2014.

    Muppets Most Wanted

    The Muppets are on a world tour, taking some of the world’s top destinations by storm. The grand theaters in London, Berlin, and Madrid are all sold out, and the Muppets are having the time of their life—that is, until Constantine comes along. Considered to be the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine looks a lot like Kermit, which puts the Muppets gang in a sticky situation of global proportions.

    Why watch? Comical chaos! Plus two lucky characters are getting married, and you know that wherever the Muppets are, mayhem ensues. So if you want a good laugh (and see Tina Fey as a Kermit fanatic), go see it.

    Planes: Fire and Rescue

    In this sequel to last year’s Planes, popular air racer Dusty Crophopper finds out that his engine has been damaged and he may never compete again. Not one to give up, Dusty points his nose to another career, that of wildfire air attack. He joins the air attack team of veteran fire and rescue chopper Blade Ranger, and meets ex-military transport Cabbie, super scooper Lil’ Dipper, and heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter. Together with the all-terrain vehicles who call themselves The Smokejumpers, the team battles a massive wildfire, and Dusty realizes what being a hero truly means.

    Why watch? Breathtaking aerial scenes! This movie will make you appreciate wildfire-fighting air attack teams and smoke jumpers all over the world, and perhaps inspire you to become one of them too.


    One of the most-awaited movies this year features the iconic villain from the story Sleeping Beauty and her untold story. Maleficent once had a pure heart, but something happened that made her turn cold and hungry for revenge. To protect her territory and gain her revenge, she places a curse on the newborn princess Aurora. As Aurora grows older, she becomes torn between the forest and her father’s kingdom.

    Why watch? Angelina Jolie plays the titular character on this take on the classic story, and Elle Fanning stars as Aurora.  Watch this for the lineup of actors, fancy costumes, superb cinematography, and of course, the dragon.

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Disney teams up with Marvel to bring you Peter Quill and his merry band of misfits who call themselves none other than (you guessed it), Guardians of the Galaxy. Quill has stolen a mysterious orb that turns out to be an object of destructive power. The villain Ronan seeks to have it in his possession and to evade him, Quill joins forces with Drax the Destroyer, the mysterious Gamora, a tree-like humanoid called Groot, and a gun-wielding raccoon named Rocket.

    Why watch? It’s Guardians of the Galaxy! If you have never seen a sharpshooting raccoon with a penchant for heavy weapons perching on a walking tree (voiced by Vin Diesel, by the way), you have no excuse not to watch this.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    The sequel to 2011’s Captain America film and another Marvel production, The Winter Soldier will show Steve Rogers partnering with Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. Black Widow, to stop an enemy hiding in the nation’s capital. Two years after the events that happened in The Avengers, Steve is now trying to adapt to modern life. The trouble starts when a S.H.I.E.L.D. member is attacked, and it is up to Captain America to uncover evil plot. He must then join forces with Black Widow and Falcon to face a powerful and unexpected rival called the Winter Soldier.

    Why watch? It’s been a while since Captain America was in the spotlight, and this is also the first time fans get to see the flying Falcon. It’s all good-versus-evil with a lot of teamwork in between. Also, hot new costumes!

    Image via YouTube

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