Disney Creates Streaming Video Service

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If you love Netflix and Disney movies, you are going to love the newly launched streaming video service called Disney Movies Anywhere. The service will allow users to access over 400 Disney films that they can watch on their favorite devices. The movies can be downloaded to or streamed on computers and iOS devices.

The movies are downloaded with iTunes or the Disney Movies Anywhere app and website. Since the new service will be available to iOS device users, Apple is working closely with Disney to market it. They are even offering a free download of the Incredibles movie for users who sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere and link their iTunes accounts.

Movies aren't the only thing users can watch with the Disney Movies Anywhere service, short cartoons and music downloads are also available. While the service will likely be popular with Disney fans, it can also be expensive. Each movie that is downloaded costs around $20 which is almost equal to the cost of buying a film on DVD or Blu-ray format.

Disney has planned ahead to help users save money by offering Disney rewards with each download. The reward points can be used to download other movies or buy fun Disney merchandise. If you have purchased a DVD or Blu-ray film that came with a digital code, you can sync the digital download with your Disney Movies Anywhere account at no extra cost.

Every movie downloaded will stay in your library and can be watched any time you want. The new service is great for kids and families and is likely to be very successful. Disney will continue to add more and more films to the available films list and Disney fans can create the ultimate Disney movie library that they can take with them and enjoy anywhere.

Will you be using the Disney Movies Anywhere service?

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