Disney CEO Confirms 'Cars' and 'The Incredibles' Sequels


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Ever wonder what became of the Incredible family or what adventures were in store for Lightning McQueen and Mater after they got back to Radiator Springs? According to an announcement made by Walt Disney CEO Bog Iger, you will get to find out soon enough.

Almost ten years after the movie hit theaters, Disney has finally announced plans for a sequel to The Incredibles, the Pixar-animated film that focuses on a superhero family. In addition to the long-awaited The Incredibles sequel, it was also announced that another Cars film is in the making.

The announcement came at a company shareholders meeting where details for the upcoming Star Wars sequel were being discussed. While Iger didn't give away any details--such as whether the Mr. Incredible's kids will be all grown up in the new movie or potential release dates--the CEO did briefly confirm plans for the two sequels.

"We have plans for a new Cars movie and on top of that Brad Bird is already working on a great story for a new Incredibles film," Iger said.

And, since a post made on a verified Twitter page is what really makes things official, Disney posted a tweet about the new Cars and Incredibles films earlier today:

Cue the fist pumps. As expected, the announcement of The Incredibles sequel received a lot of love. After all, The Incredibles was one of Disney's more successful Pixar-animated films (and they all do pretty darn good), as it raked in $632,882,184 worldwide. While the virtual high fives for The Incredibles 2 were being doled out left and right, the announcement of another Cars sequel didn't get quite as much love.

Cars 2 did worse than any other Pixar film aside from A Bug's Life, bringing in $191,450,875 in U.S. ticket sales. Maybe some adults can't appreciate another Cars film--which means they won't be up for taking the kiddos to second and third viewings--but there is no doubt that the news will bring joy to little Lightning McQueen fans everywhere.

Image via Wikimedia Commons