Disney Announces Mobile Game Apps

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If you check out Apple's App store or Google Play you will notice a striking lack of games from Disney. The company has come out with the hit Where's my Water, but that was pretty recently, and it doesn't include any classic Disney characters. This is surprising form a company that tries to have its brand involved in new media from the get go.

That is about to change, however, as the company has partnered with DeNA to provide mobile social games starting later this month. So far the games are currently being released in Japan, but they have plans to make them available worldwide.

The first game was Disney Party, released March 28 on the Mobage network in Japan, which serves an audience of over 35 million. A second game, Disney Fantasy Quest is set to be released April 2. The games feature Disney's main characters, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and others.

Disney Party is a social party-simulation game for mobile phones. Players organize parties and decorate their interiors with various “gifts” that will attract Disney characters. When the characters pay visits, players can greet or take photos with them.

Disney Fantasy Quest is a card-collection game where players collect cards of popular characters from Mickey & Friends, princesses and other Disney series to compile “magic books” in a quest to make the world happier.

The DeNA, Disney agreement will see the two teaming up in other efforts as well, including Disney movies, TV shows and smartphone apps.

DeNA also has plans to release a Marvel based game ahead of the Avengers movie release this summer.

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