Dish Channel Guide App For iPad Released

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Dish Network today introduced a new app for iPad that allows subscribers to search through the Dish channel line-up and share their TV viewing habits across social networks.

The Dish Explorer app will be available today in the Apple App Store. For use with the Dish "Hopper" DVR, the app includes remote-control features that allow subscribers to navigate the channel guide, search for programs, and manage their DVR programming.

“Customers are already using tablets while watching TV but, until Explorer, it had been two separate experiences,” said Vivek Khemka, vice president of Product Management at DISH. “What we’ve done is develop an integrated, seamless experience between the tablet and the television; only the Hopper creates an entirely new viewing dynamic.”

The app also recommends shows by "cross-referencing social media television viewing trends" and taking viewer data from Dish DVRs. Links in the app will allow users to comment and share their thoughts about TV shows through Twitter and Facebook.

In its announcement, Dish highlighted its ability to use metrics to track trending shows and events. In particular, the company's "Thuuz" ratings will supposedly find sports games that are exciting and recommend them in the Explorer app.

“The Thuuz ratings on Explorer means sports fans can quickly see the potential no-hitters, the shut-outs and the upsets forming live before the sports recap on the evening news,” said Khemka. “Seeing the big events live is always better and Explorer helps deliver that experience.”

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