DirecTV To Start Offering 10Mbps Internet Connection

IT Management

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Getting a good internet connection when you live out in the boonies has been the bane of country dwellers for years. There are options like Hughes but they are way too expensive and offer a waaay too small data cap.

Now DirecTV has announced that they will begin to offer the Exede by ViaSat and Hughes’ HughesNet Gen4 next-generation satellite broadband services in a partnership deal. The service will offer speeds up to 10 Mbps and will now make every single American eligible for a bundled internet deal.

“We look forward to offering every single DirecTV customer access to fast, affordable broadband options through DirecTV, no matter where they live,” said Oswin Eleonora, senior vice president, Emerging Markets, DirecTV. “With greatly improved capacity and speeds, satellite broadband services provided by ViaSat and Hughes will fully support our customers’ connected home experience, enabling them to access a host of features like YouTube, Pandora, social TV apps, and more than 7,000 VOD titles.”

So now the issue becomes: What are the data caps, and how much is any decent amount of data going to run? On it's own On its own, Exede comes in three data-capped tiers of 7.5GB, 15GB, and 25GB, priced at $49.99, $79.99, and $129.99, respectively. So look for it to be at least cheaper than that.