Dionisia Pacquiao Gains Fame Through Ringside Antics

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The boxing world was quite alive this weekend as the highly anticipated rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley took place Saturday night in a packed MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. And, as many people had predicted following Pacquiao's earlier contested loss to Bradley, the Filipino Congressman emerged victorious, defeating Bradley unanimously after 12 hard-fought rounds.

Prior to their rematch, Pacquiao spent much time intensifying his traditional training regimen, going as far as hiring a new trainer and switching his entire boxing mentality: "... I have to be more aggressive than I had been. I have been working on being aggressive,” stated Pacquiao. Pacquiao's coach, Freddie Roach, stated that Pacquiao "... wants to give people what they want, which is a knockout.”

Unfortunately for Pacquiao and his camp, a knockout was not achieved Saturday night. While Pacquiao's training may have factored greatly in his victory against Bradley, the internet is assured that someone outside the ring played a large role as well.

During HBO's telecast of the fight, much attention was given to one prominent audience member - Manny's mother.

Dionisia Pacquiao, better known as "Mommy D", did her best to lead her son to victory Saturday night, emulating gestures which warranted claims of voodoo and hexes against Bradley from spectators.

After the fight was over, "Mommy D" entered the ring to either lift the supposed hex she placed on Bradley, or to simply give the formerly undefeated boxer words of support.

In a television interview Monday morning, however, "Mommy D" gave away her secret. While the hex angle is a quite intriguing one, Dionisia Pacquiao stated that she was simply praying to Santo Santo Niño de Cebú, a statue of the baby Jesus which many Catholic Filipinos believe to be miraculous.

“Sabi ko, tulungan ko ang kuya mo na hindi mapabagsak ni Bradley (I prayed that he help Manny not to be knocked out by Bradley),” stated "Mommy D".

Dionisia Pacquiao's actions were most likely prompted by her recent disappointment in Pacquiao's religious shift away from Catholicism and toward a new Christian movement in the Philippines.

Following Pacquiao's last loss against Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez, Dionisia replied, "That’s what he gets for changing his religion.”

“Since the Protestant pastors came into his life, he has not focused on his boxing. They always pray, with Manny losing sleep,” stated "Mommy D", adding that, “He lost because God wanted him to.”

Following his victory Saturday night, Pacquiao stated that he thinks he "... can go another two years,” eschewing any thoughts of retirement from the Filipino.

If Pacquiao doesn't want to feel his face on the canvas once again, "Mommy D" may become a perennial force along the ringside, especially if the fans get the Pacquiao v. Mayweather, Jr. matchup they desperately want.

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