Dina Lohan Avoids Jail, Loses License

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If you have ever wondered where Lindsay Lohan learned her crazy ways, look no further than her mother Dina. When Lindsay was a child star, Dina appeared to be a strict and caring mother. As Lindsay got older and the world saw more and more of her mother Dina, it was apparent that she was not the mother she had been pretending to be.

As soon as Lindsay was old enough to enter the clubs, Dina started tagging along with her and partied just as hard as her daughter. Her drinking and bad behavior was captured by paparazzi on several occasions and it's clear that it also got in the way of her parenting.

Dina's partying recently caught up with her when she was arrested for drinking and driving and speeding. She was pulled over for going 77 mph in a 55-mph zone and when the police officer approached her car he also decided he should test her blood-alcohol level which was 0.20, more than double the legal limit.

Dina appeared in court for the charges on Tuesday and although she managed to avoid spending any time in jail, she did lose her license for a year, and was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service work and an anti-drunken driving program. She was also ordered to install an alcohol-detecting ignition lock on her vehicle.

Dina pled guilty to the charges and her lawyer says that she is just happy to put the incident behind her and move on with her life.

“I know this has been a long process,” her lawyer, Mark Heller, said in court. “I would like to thank this court for its patience and its even-handed justice dispensed to Ms. Lohan. This has been a very onerous process for her.”

Do you think Dina's sentence was fair?

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