Digital Recruitment Technologies and Trends 2022

What are the digital recruitment technologies and trends that make the most happen for your business? Learn more below....
Digital Recruitment Technologies and Trends 2022
Written by Brian Wallace
  • The workplace is continuously changing, and over the past years, a new era in how businesses run and how we work has begun. As a result, there are certain changes in how talent is hired. To close significant skills shortages, recruitment specialists must stay current with hiring trends. 

    The better prepared they are to deal with challenges, hire top talent, and maintain competitiveness in 2022, the more willing they are to reconsider old habits and comprehend contemporary trends. Whether you’re healthcare executive recruiters or insurance recruitment agencies, these trends will help you get on top of the game. 

    Automating the Hiring Process

    Automation and AI will continue to grow in 2022 after a significant increase in the second half of 2021. Task completion is a significant advantage when adding automation into the hiring process. Recruiters can locate, attract, and convert potential candidates into applications with the aid of integrated technology solutions. 

    These resources will aid in accelerating and streamlining the hiring procedure. These tools are being utilized by recruitment agencies frequently. According to a survey, there is a 125% increase in businesses using AI for applicant sourcing, candidate screening, and interview scheduling. This indicates that the practice may continue to rise through 2022.

    Conducting Virtual Interviews

    As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, employers were looking for fresh approaches to hiring. As technology advances, recruiters are focusing on virtual meetings as part of the hiring process. There is no longer a geographic restriction, as there was in the past. Today, the majority of businesses use and support remote work, and hiring practices are no exception. 

    On the other hand, virtual recruitment is advantageous to both job seekers and companies, and this development is likely to persist in the foreseeable future.

    Using Social media 

    The most likely demographics to use social media to look for new jobs are millennials and Gen Z. The employment process is made simpler for the brand when it has a strong online presence. Social media aids in the dissemination of information about job openings and gives potential candidates a peek into corporate culture. These days, employer branding is essential.

    It has been demonstrated that today’s job candidates consider factors other than pay, and a strong brand will draw in top talent. Social media profiles now serve as the business’s public face.

    Using Chatbots 

    14 hours per week are lost by recruiters to manual labor. One such responsibility is responding to candidates’ fundamental inquiries. Additionally, if there isn’t any reply within two weeks, half of the candidates give up.

    AI chatbots are useful in this situation since recruiters’ hands are typically full. By answering all the fundamental questions just like people, chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) save time for both the candidates and HR. 

    Additionally, it improves the candidate experience by speeding up the process. According to a poll, 23% of businesses already employ chatbots, and that number is expected to rise in 2022.

    Scanning Resumes With AI 

    A business job posting typically receives hundreds of resumes. Even if it just takes one minute to swiftly review one resume, it would still take more than two hours to go through all of the resumes. Next comes setting up interviews, following up, and creating offer letters (don’t even get us started on the counter offers). Any resume screening program can aid in shortening this stage.

    Software used for resume screening scans resumes and shortlists the best applicants. Advanced software using AI, ML, and NLP tracks common criteria including educational background, skills, work experience, and personality qualities using potent algorithms. This trend of employing AI in scanning resumes is expected to increase in 2022.

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