Diddy Wants To Become An NFL Team Owner


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Sean "Diddy" Combs or whatever he claims to want to be called now has declared that he wants to own an NFL team. The man who has changed his name probably more than anyone also said that he wanted to own a team years ago, and has now reaffirmed that plan.

Diddy has so much money that he does not know what to do with it, and has decided that becoming the owner of an NFL team would be a good business decision.

In a bold business move, it would also make him the first African American majority owner in the NFL. He is one of the richest hip hop artists already, after being listed with a worth of $580 million by Forbes Magazine earlier this year.

He is certainly not the first musician to turn to the business of sports in order to accumulate even more money. He wants to be the first majority owner, while others like Nelly, Usher, and Jennifer Lopez have all just had minor stakes in different professional franchises in the NFL and NBA.

In addition to being a popular hip hop musician throughout his career, he has had several other business ventures. His most well-known is certainly his clothing line, Sean John named after himself, while he has also had multiple restaurants, a men's perfume, vodka, and more.

Diddy, unlike Jay-Z, who started his own sports agency, wants to be an owner, allowing him to have more power over decisions that happen with a whole team. As a musical artist, he has released 6 albums, and has also appeared in 5 films.

It only makes sense with the large number of African American players in the league that there should finally be an owner that is an African American. Diddy wants to be the one to finally achieve this and he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV, "Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it's time for that. A majority of the players in the NFL are African-American but there are no African-American owners. So that's one of my dreams."

Diddy already has plenty of experience in the world of business, and his new venture would certainly help add to his resume and reputation. The question is, which team would he become the owner of?

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