Diddy: Did He Just Propose To Cassie on Instagram?

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When it comes to celebrities proposing to their girlfriends, often times they'll pull out all of the stops, like Kanye West did when he proposed to Kim Kardashian. If you haven't heard yet, the rapper rented out an entire baseball stadium to pop the question.

But sometimes, a celebrity will do things differently, and either keep their proposal a secret, or do it in a way that's not grandiose or fancy, and that's what P Diddy did, or is it just "Diddy" these days? It's really hard to keep up with all of the name changes.

Anyway, the rap mogul took to his Instagram account and posted a photo of a huge rectangular shaped diamond and wrote a message that kind of looks like a marriage proposal. "Baby do you like it?" wrote Diddy when he posted the photo. "I just want to get you what you like! I just wanna make you smile."

Reportedly, the ring is for the pop singer Cassie, who's been dating Diddy for seven years now. "It's perfect," she messaged back, which not only let Diddy know that he made a good choice with the ring, but it also serves as confirmation that the two are together, because even though they've been dating for quite some time, they've rarely spoken about their relationship in the media.

Quickly, the image received tens of thousands of likes, not to mention a large number of comments. "I know you're not breaking my heart by proposing to someone," wrote one Diddy follower. "I really hope this isn't a proposal," wrote another, which suggests the follower believes that Diddy, who's a multimillionaire, should have done way more to pop the question.

However, it's unlikely the Instagram message was the official proposal, and it's easy to guess that Diddy has some very expensive tricks up his sleeve. Because if history has shown us anything, it's that Diddy hardly does anything small or quiet, so you'd better expect a big to-do of some sort when he actually does pop the question.

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