Did Mark Zuckerberg Join Google Plus?

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As the world scrambles around, trying to get a Google Plus invitation -- what, are you above eBay or something? -- a rumor broke about perhaps the most famous social media person in the United States joining Google's currently-exclusive social platform. I'm referring to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Did the person who stands to lose the most to Google Plus infiltrate the enemy or is someone spoofing the public?

More than likely, it's a spoof profile, but then again, hiding in plain sight is an effective measure as well. The reports of the Zuckerberg Google Plus account appeared in a couple of British publications, with the Daily Mail going as far as to post a screenshot of the account in question:

Zuckerberg Plus

Naturally, spoofing Mark Zuckerberg, or, well, anyone for that matter, is simply a process of using the person's name and likeness. The more famous you are, the easier these materials are to come by, quite obviously. Consider the unending amount of fake Twitter accounts, and apply that to a new service everyone wants to be apart of. With that in mind, it's probable that the Zuckerberg Google Plus profile is a fake, but then again, there's the hiding in plain sight angle.

The Inquirer has similar ideas, but it's their description of the Daily Mail that wins the day:

According to the 'isn't she fat?' and 'oooh, look who's in a bikini' UK newspaper the Daily Mail, the account might actually be fake, and Zuckerberg might not actually have created a public profile on a headline grabbing assault on his business after all.

So? Real? Fake? Is Zuckerberg sleeping with the enemy, or is someone, to quote our friends across the pond, having a laugh, knowing the account couldn't be ignored?