Dick Clark Foundation Donates $5 Million For Syracuse Studio

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Syracuse University announced this week that the Kari and Dick Clark Foundation has donated $5 million toward the $18 million renovation of studio facilities at the university's Newhouse School. The renovated studio will be renamed after Dick Clark, the famed radio and American Bandstand host who died last year of a heart attack.

“Syracuse was always important to Dick and very close to his heart throughout his life,” said Kari Clark. “It will mean so much to see his name attached to a school and a studio facility that will literally launch a thousand careers in this business. This is just a continuation of what he did with Bandstand - gave youth a stage, then got out of the way.”

Clark attended Syracuse in the 40s and 50s, graduating with a degree in advertising. Starting in the 80s, Clark organized yearly trips to Los Angeles for Newhouse School students, helping many of them secure jobs in broadcasting.

“His door was always open to us,” said Larry Martin, Syracuse’s VP of program development. “I first contacted him in the 1980s - he was a giant in the entertainment industry - and he responded right away, very enthusiastic about meeting the students.”

In addition to the Newhouse School donation, the Kari and Dick Clark Foundation has also donated $1 million to Clark's Syracuse fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, for need-based scholarships.

(Image courtesy Syracuse University)

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