Dianna Agron: Yahoo Calls Her 'McQueen' Performance 'F**king Devastating'

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Dianna Agron, probably best known for her role as a teenaged Quinn Fabray on the hit musical TV series Glee, received a scathing review from Yahoo for her role in McQueen, at London's St. James Theatre. The review, in fact, went beyond scathing. It called her performance, 'f**king devastating.'

Unfortunately, it wasn't just Yahoo giving Dianna Agron a less-than-stellar review.

"But Glee star Dianna Agron is not good, I’m afraid. Her delivery is glib yet slow--I never believe the quick-fire rapport with McQueen, and when they get onto more profound or personal matters, her probing feels painfully crass rather than deep-and-meaningful. This performance is more blunt than a pair of old sewing scissors; it simply doesn't cut it. Phillips’ meditations on love, death and beauty are left crudely over-exposed, and given Agron is at the heart of the play, it’s hard to get the real measure of McQueen," the Independent writes.

The Telegraph writes, "Another issue is Agron, best known as cheerleader-turned-teenage mum Quinn in hit TV show Glee, who never manages to elevate her character beyond a clothes-horse spouting psychobabble. She speaks in a strange, sing-song voice throughout, reciting rather than metabolizing her lines. It’s an uncomfortably stilted performance."

Nothing quite compares with Yahoo's review of Dianna Agron, however.

Will this be the end of stage performances for Dianna Agron? Will she return to the U.S. and seek out roles akin to an older version of her Glee character?

Hopefully Dianna Agron's time in McQueen finds her receiving better reviews in the weeks to come. She is set to appear in the West End production until the end of June.

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