Dianna Agron Seen Kissing Her New Boyfriend At Coachella


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Dianna Agron was once the mean girl on Glee, but she's quite the public lover in reality.

E! Online reports that Agron was seen kissing actor Thomas Cocquerel at a Coachella party hosted by McDonalds. The web site was able to confirm that they were not just infected by the mood of the party, but are in fact dating. Besides publicly displaying their affection through kissing, the two were also seen holding hands and acting like any newly-in-love couple would.

Of course, if you followed Agron on Twitter, you wouldn't even know she was dating Cocquerel. The actress is apparently okay with flaunting her new relationship at a music festival, but not on social media where she's been tweeting pictures of the McDonald's golden arch.

She was also happy with the print on her dress - the very same dress she was wearing when she was caught kissing Cocquerel:

Even if she's not bragging about it on social media, she is going out with Cocquerel. That does make us wonder then - how did they meet? According to sources, the two met through mutual friends and hit it off from there. They're still a new couple, however, so anything can happen.

Speaking of relationships, both Agron and Cocquerel have been in the dating game for quite some time. Before Cocquerel, Agron dated Nick Mathers, Sebastian Stan, Dave Franco and Alex Pettyfer. As for Cocquerel, his last relationship was with Lily Collins. The two seem to keep the details of their relationships private so we might not hear much from either of them for a while. For the time being, let's focus on why a sports car was parked next to the McDonald's party at Coachella. Surely, Agron, a former star on CSI: NY and Veronica Mars will be able to figure something out:

Image via Wikimedia Commons