Dianna Agron Plays Jilted Wife In Sam Smith Video

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Dianna Agron has come a long way from her days on Glee as Quinn Fabray. The lovely blonde starlet is coming into her own in Hollywood and is a great up-and-comer to watch!

Dianna Agron is currently filming a movie called Headlock with Justin Bartha and Andy Garcia. There is not much known about the plot yet, but with a cast like that, it's sure to be a great movie!

However, the reason everyone is talking about Dianna Agron isn't her upcoming movie or the other options that will surely present themselves to her in the future.

Everyone's talking about Dianna Agron's role in the new Sam Smith video for I'm Not the Only One.

In the video, Dianna Agron plays a jilted wife whose husband (played by The Mindy Project's Chris Messina) cheats on her, with a somewhat less attractive woman, while he is presumably supposed to be at work. After a few drinks, Dianna Agron's character exacts revenge on the jerk by burning his stuff.

Dianna Agron is beautiful and poised as the happy housewife. Then, sometime during her drunk drive to the store to by lighter fluid, she becomes drenched in tears, mascara, and incredible anger.

It's really quite entertaining and surprising to watch her transformation, but the strangest part is watching Dianna Agron go from sloppy drunk and maniacal all the way back to polished happy housewife when her husband returns.

It's really a great piece of film showing an entire slice of a much bigger story in only four minutes and 39 seconds. It was such a great choice to put Dianna Agron in as the woman scorned.

Good luck to Dianna Agron in her acting future! I'm certain she won't disappoint!

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