Diane Kruger Sends Sweet Anniversary Message To Long-Time Boyfriend, Joshua Jackson

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Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have celebrated nine years of being together, which is a serious accomplishment for a Hollywood couple.

An even bigger accomplishment is that Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson seem to still be in love after so long.

Diane Kruger sent a sweet message to Joshua Jackson via Instagram to announce to the world that they are still in love.

In the lovely sentimental post, Diane Kruger said, "Happy Birthday to this adorable towhead who became my handsome man ! And happy 9 year Anniversary too. You make me appreciate life so much more and I'm so happy you found me in this crazy world."

All that love between Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger is so amazing after that amount of time!

It's even more impressive after a shaky start when Joshua Jackson met Diane Kruger's mother for the first time.

According to Diane Kruger, the story goes, "I'm from a very small village in Germany so I don't usually bring boys back unless they're somewhat serious. He came back about six months into us dating."

She continued, "It's a tradition in Germany when you come home to have coffee and cake. It's very German. So I prepped him. I said, 'You have to have cake and you have to have coffee, even if you don't like it.'"

Summer is here my friends...hello BBQ season! On my way! Jan, throw on the ribs, I'm starving 🙂

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Just when Jackson and Diane Kruger thought things were going well, Kruger's mother threw a wrench in it.

Diane Kruger explained, "Then my mom goes, 'Ahh, wait. I have something for you.' She goes into the office and comes back with this classified folder of internet clippings of Josh with his mugshot. She thought it would be cute to go, 'So, I see you've been arrested in 1997 at a hockey game. It says, 'Whose fault was it?'"

Shaky start! But, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson must have moved passed it somehow!

What do you think of Diane Kruger's sweet message?

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