Diablo III Starter Edition Gives You A Taste Of Hell


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I'm sure many gamers around the world are all going to call in sick tomorrow. Fun fact for bosses: They're not sick, they're just playing Diablo III all day. For those people who don't already have it pre-ordered, chances are you're not that excited for it. For those people, Blizzard has prepared the Diablo III Starter Edition.

The Diablo III Starter Edition is essentially a demo. It gives players limited access to the game for them to try out a trip to hell. The Starter Edition gives players access to all of Act 1 up to the Skeleton King. The level cap is set to level 13 to ensure that free players don't get too powerful. The other restrictions include matchmaking being only available with other Starter Edition players and barred access to the real money Auction House.

For the first month, the Starter Edition is only available to those players who have a guest pass. You can get a guest pass by annoying one of your friends who bought the game for theirs. It's only available in boxed copies of the game so don't even bother asking your friends who bought the digital copy of the game.

After that first month, anybody can jump in and try out the Starter Edition of the game. If you're too poor to afford Diablo III and have no friends who are buying it, you can either wait a month or start playing the Starter Edition of StarCraft II. It's not the same thing, but you still get that Blizzard goodness for a limited trial run.

If you have no idea why everybody is going to pretend to be sick tomorrow, check out the latest Diablo III TV spot. It pretty much sums up the game in 30 seconds for those new to this whole hell invading earth thing.

[h/t: Kotaku]