Diablo III Server Checker Out Now For Android


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We've gone in depth about the various problems facing Diablo III. The worst problem is of course the dreaded Error 37 that occurs when the server is unreachable. As you are well aware, Diablo III requires that you be online at all times to even play the game. If you are disconnected or the servers go offline, no game for you.

The major complaint is that Diablo III is a single-player game. Sure, it can be played cooperatively, but many players are angry that they can't play a single-player game offline. While a major rush of players can take the servers offline, Blizzard has also taken the servers offline to perform maintenance. If only there was a way to check if the servers were online without starting up the game and being met with the dreaded Error 37.

Well, now there is with the launch of the Diablo III Server Checker for Android. The app lets you check the status of all the servers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. As one reviewer of the app put it, he can now be disappointed from the lounge instead of his PC.

Diablo III Server Checker Out Now For Android

Unfortunately, the app is currently only out for Android. My best guess is that Blizzard will create an official app sooner or later for both Android and iOS. Everybody will soon be able to keep up with the fun that is Error 37.

Now if only Blizzard would get rid of its always-online DRM. It only serves to punish players who want to just play the game. Not all of us want to play with our friends or we don't have friends who like dungeon crawlers. This app might make the frustration a little more manageable but it doesn't help that Blizzard is setting dangerous precedents for PC gaming.

[h/t: Pocket Gamer]