Dia Do Pai (Father's Day) Celebrated in Portugal with a New Google Doodle


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google doodle

Today, March 19, 2012, is Father’s Day in Portugal, Italy and Honduras, and Google submitted a new doodle illustrated in crayon. Father's day is also taking place in Andorra, Bolivia, Liechtenstein, Spain and Belgium on this day in 2012. A Father's Day doodle from last year can be seen here:

Portugal calls Father's Day "Dia Do Pai," Spain calls it "Día del Padre" and Italy recognizes "Festa del Papà."

Aside from being Father's Day in Spain, March 19 marks the 200th anniversary of Spain’s Constitution of 1812.


The 1812 constitution was one of the most liberal of its time, and established the principles of universal male voting rights, national sovereignty, a constitutional monarchy and freedom of the press, and facilitated land reform and free enterprise.

Google posted a St. Patrick's Day doodle over that holiday as well.