Devious Maids Is Going To Remain Devious In Its Second Season


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Devious Maids returned for its second season on Sunday night to rave reviews across all the TV blogs. The murder mystery series is already jumping onto its next mystery and fans can't wait to see where it goes next. The question now is whether or not the series will get even more treacherous for the cast in the second season.

Speaking to Fox News Latino, Roselyn Sanchez says that that the second season of Devious Maids is going to throw a lot of fans for a loop. Not only is a new murder going to take place, but a central character from the first season is going to completely change her position among the cast. Marisol Duarte posed as a maid in the first season to prove that her son wasn't a murderer, but she now has her own maid as the character is engaged to a wealthy man.

Sanchez also reveals that her character gets into a relationship with gay pop star Alejandro Rubio to cover up the fact that he's gay. She says that her character does this to obtain her dreams, but it doesn't always turn out that way:

"And then thinking that’s going to change my life dramatically and I’m going to accomplish my dreams, but of course everything goes wrong and she’s completely out of touch with reality and [makes] bad choices and insanity. But I love her. She’s crazy."

For fans of Devious Maids who watch it for reasons other than murder, Sanchez reveals that she has plenty of sexy scenes in season two. She reveals that she doesn't get naked again, but she leaves it open as a possibility.

If all of this has you itching to check out Devious Maids, here's a recap of season one to get you caught up on the series:

And if you missed last night's premiere of season two, here's a little preview to keep you satiated until you can see it:

If you're caught up with the series, you can go have fun with the series' Twitter account where fans are sharing quotes from last night's premiere with each other:

Devious Maids airs on Lifetime at 10 p.m. EST on Sunday nights.

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