Devil May Cry to Get Bloody Palace Mode


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Just days before the release of Devil May Cry (DmC) on January 15, Capcom has announced an new mode that will make a return appearance from previous games in the Devil May Cry franchise. The "Bloody Palace" mode will be available as a free downloadable add-on. No release date for the mode has been set, but Capcom stated that it will be available "shortly after the launch of the game.

Bloody Palace mode is a survival mode in which players will battle through "more than 100 levels" of demons and bosses. The mode will be available to players after playing through the game's campaign at least once. Capcom promises that players will want the weapons they earn through the campaign, as Bloody Palace will be a "very challenging mode."

So, why wasn't Bloody Palace included in the retail version of the game? Capcom probably heard fans' cries for this mode and began working on it after most of DmC was complete. The fact that it's free is almost a sign that the publisher knows the mode should have been in the game from the beginning. It's the type of downloadable content (DLC) gamers wouldn't mind seeing more of, and it's just good fan service.