'Deus Ex: The Fall' is Coming to PC

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Square Enix today announced that Deus Ex: The Fall will be coming to PC on March 25. The game will be available through Steam on that date and will cost only $10.

The Fall is an ambitious first-person action game that Square Enix released for mobile platforms in 2013. The game is set during the same time period as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but features a different cast of characters. The Fall puts players into the role of Ben Saxon, a British mercenary whose goal is to investigate a global drug conspiracy.

As with most mobile and handheld games ported to PC (of which there have been quite a few lately), The Fall will have plenty of upgrades and changes for its re-release.

The first major improvement is that the game's micro-transactions have been removed, with the game's economy rebalanced to take this into account. Presumably this will make The Fall a more complete experience that PC players expect, though it is also a tacit admission that the mobile version was skewed in favor of encouraging in-app purchases in the first place.

The game's visuals won't get a full upgrade from their blocky mobile origins, but PC gamers will have to option to use higher resolutions and anti-aliasing.

The Fall on PC will take full advantage of mouse/keyboard or gamepad controls. With this in mind, the game's design has been altered to take into account the more accurate controls. Enemy AI has been "adjusted," presumably for greater challenge. Auto-targeting has been removed and the size of the aiming reticle has been reduced.

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