Denzel Washington Might Be Lex Luthor

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If you were all settled on being upset or elated at Joaquin Phoenix being cast as the iconic Lex Luthor, you may have to hold that thought. The current buzz suggests there may be a chance that the supervillain may be played by none other than Denzel Washington. Like Phoenix, Washington isn't a stranger to powerful performances as memorable villains. He's played his share of bad guys and anti-heroes, so it wouldn't take much to get the actor in touch with his darker side. In "Training Day", Washington played a dirty cop, a role that won him an Academy Award.

Of course, there is no word yet that Lex Luthor will even be in the "Man of Steel" sequel. Despite casting news being made available for the role of Batman and even Wonder Woman, the character most central to the Superman story other than the titular character is notably absent from official news. Comic movie fans aren't giving up hope.

After the Lex Luther logo was spotted in the first movie, the door was seemingly opened to an appearance by Superman's arch-enemy. Why feature something so important and then do nothing with it? This is probably what Marvel fans are asking themselves about the villain Thanos who was referenced at the very end of the "Avengers" movie. Despite that menacing smile, he is not to be the villain of the upcoming "Avengers: Age of Ultron" movie.

It could have been an "easter egg" for the clever and informed fan and nothing more.

If a casting choice is made, fans may be disappointed to see so many A+ list names passed on for a virtual unknown, or even worse, someone viewed as remarkably unsuited to the task. This has been the case with virtually every casting choice going back to the first movie.

Controversy is inevitable, but if they do opt to introduce Mr. Luthor with the right actor, this is one chance to really capitalize on buzz with a big name with big "bad guy" potential.

So...who do YOU think is the best man for the role?

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