Denver "Thong Bandit" Still on the Loose

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How can you tell if a neighborhood has a low crime rate? The police will be mobilizing officers to search for an exhibitionist.

The NBC affiliate in Denver is reporting that police in the Sloan Lake neighborhood in Denver will soon begin searching for a man they've dubbed the "thong bandit." The man has been "terrorizing" northwest Denver with his nakedness since last summer, but wasn't active during the winter. Now that the weather in Colorado is turning nice again, police have received new reports of the flasher.

Police say the man will start out fully clothed before ducking into an alley and stripping down to a thong. He then proceeds to "expose himself further" in front of women. The man is reportedly white or hispanic, in his 20s or 30s, and has an "athletic build." Reports show that he has switched from a pink thong to a black or dark thong in the past.

According to NBC 9, the Denver police are sending teams of officers out to Northwest Denver to search for the flasher. They have a sketch of what the man might look like and have asked citizens to call 911 immediately when they encounter him.

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