Denver Broncos Move Past Patriots And On To The Super Bowl

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After the spectacular season that the Denver Broncos have had, including the best season of Peyton Manning's career, they are certainly deserving of a trip to the Super Bowl, which they earned yesterday.

The Denver Broncos took an early lead during the AFC Championship Game, and perhaps surprised some people, although the Patriots were able to make a comeback at the end.

However, the lead was too large, and even Tom Brady but could not win it for them in the end. The Broncos won the game 26-16, sending them to another Super Bowl.

In what was hyped up as 15th meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, widely viewed as two of the top quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, Manning came away with the victory.

Manning's win yesterday puts Brady up 10-5 in the series, although Manning is now 2-1 in AFC Championship Games.

After playing with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning has had plenty of experience playing in the games.

After the game, he said "Being in my 16th season, going to my third Super Bowl, I know how hard it is to get there." Manning, more than anyone, knows what it is like to make a comeback.

He has had multiple surgeries and suffered a tragic loss to the Ravens last year, while most people had already considered his career to be over before becoming a member of the Broncos.

Following their win yesterday, the Broncos will move on to the Super Bowl where they will play against the Seattle Seahawks, coming off of a big win against their big rivals.

The Seahawks secured their victory with a late interception in the end-zone with the help of Richard Sherman, who may end up getting the defensive player of the year award.

The Broncos and the Seahawks have continually been the two dominant teams in the league throughout the year, and it is fitting for the two of them to meet in the Super Bowl.

The game will feature the best offense in the NFL, the Denver Broncos, and the best defense in the league with the Seattle Seahawks, earning the nickname of the "Legion of Boom." The Seahawks also have one of the top offenses behind Russell Wilson at quarterback and Marshawn Lynch at the running back position.

Peyton Manning has taken the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl XLVIII where they will meet the Seahawks in an epic showdown between the two best teams in the NFL.

If Manning is able to win, he will also be able to finally tie his brother's record with two Super Bowl rings, after having a much better career overall.

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